Tik Tok Promotion

Playlist King has taken their industry leading expertise in Spotify Promotion, and is helping musicians get heard on another platform, Tik-Tok. This is a tricky world to traverse, so don’t try it alone. We have influencers with high engagement, and know just how to get your music heard via our tik tok promotion service.

It is logical to assume that a high follower count is the key thing to look for. This is an inaccurate assumption. There are many metrics that impact how well an influencer marketing campaign may help promote your brand, or in this case, your music. Some aspects may include geography, age demographic of followers, personal style and taste of the influencer and more.

It is easy to mess up a big budget spend here, as you may neglect some key details. You might want to ask yourself things like ‘How am I going to ensure it converts?’ The problem here is, most musicians and their managers, are not marketing geniuses. There is a relatively low conversion rate to other sources, such as Spotify, where you can retain these fans and earn royalites. Leave it to the pros. Playlist King.