Spotify Curators: Spotify is Cracking Down.

Don’t get banned: Stay safe with Playlist King.

Spotify curators with large followings on their playlists sometimes sell spots for money. Who wouldn’t?

As we will explain, we have evidence to believe that they are engaged in a massive crack down on this: banning profiles, and deleting your playlist accounts. We have a safe, secure solution to this, where earning money and managing your playlists is easier than ever!

“Playlist placement” is technically against Spotify’s terms of service. Why? because 1) They don’t want to pay out more royalties than they have to; and 2) Frankly, they want to retain their power of deciding who is relevant and who becomes famous. (Just a hunch..they might be, hmm… receiving compensation from major labels, who own a large portion of their stock?)

If you didn’t know, there is a report button on every profile and playlist. We have reason to believe that Spotify is taking this a step further, and posing as artists/ buyers of playlist spots. Once they confirm this, they ban the accounts. How else would they get confirmation, and what loser goes out of his way to report someone for this? Spotify’s in house analytics system can only be so smart. What it cannot do, is tap into your private emails and social media accounts to prove or not whether this activity is taking place.

More and more curators are receiving messages that their accounts have been restricted, and their playlists are no longer active. Here is a message that Spotify wrote to one of our curators.

How to avoid trouble: Immediately remove any indication of an email or social media from your profile. You may not be doing anything wrong, and not asking for a payout, but still have a high probability of getting taken down as many of our curators have.

How to make money: Join our curator program. All communication is safe and secure between only two parties: you, and us. We will keep you informed of any changes and updates to keep you and your data safe.

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