Playlist King is a premier service that helps to get artists on playlists, providing massive exposure and often resulting in large gains of streams and followers. 

How It Works

Artist chooses a package.

We offer packages as low as 29.99 to demonstrate our capabilities! You have nothing to lose. If we fail to get you on a playlist you'll have your money refunded right away.

Your music will be advanced to playlists with maximum engagement and you will receive prime placement on playlists.

We review your track and design your campagin.

Playlist King optimizes your campaign by genre and region to find you the best possible listeners.

As a result, you will be exposed to new potential fans that are able to stream your music.

Playlist Promotion Packages


Only $29.99

*One per customer*

Pitching one (1) track to network of up to a 20,000 listener audience.



Only $74.99

Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to 50,000 listener audience.




 Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to 100,000 listener audience.




*BEST VALUE* Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to 250,000 listener audience.

Other Artist Services

Artist Consultations

Artist Bio Writing

Logo Design

Editorial placement

(on major music site)

Professional Song Review



//Credibility. Playlist King’s services result in artists getting more streams, fans and engagement. Streaming is a more direct method of connecting with potential fans, and platforms have a far larger active listener base than the radio.

// Best value. We know how streaming works and will get you the highest yield on your investment.

// Exposure.Playlist interaction is organic, meaning real people will be hearing and interacting with your music. Streaming is the new radio.

// Prime Placement. We get your music on the top range of playlist spots so people actually hear it.

//Royalty eligible: Artists can receive royalties ($) from song plays that resulted from our services. 

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