Music Marketing Tips: Concentrating Efforts

Music Promotion

In the last artist tip newsletter, we discussed strategy. This time we will expand on that. Measurable goals and concentration of efforts will get you a long way. Think and act like you are a record label. We have a finite budget. Where should we spend? Read more about how to think about music marketing properly.

If you are new to the artist game.. read this. if not, skip to the fourth paragraph.  It’s time to realize that some artists are doing well for one reason. You might be better artists than they are. Think Kodak Black… he might be absolutely terrible as far as lyrical ability goes, but he is signed to Atlantic Records.

How did he do so well? Two components- Luck, and strategy. He took his work seriously and invested in himself. Invested in his product and marketing. Those who think like business people have a much better chance of making it big-time in the music industry. 

Concentration of efforts: you cannot be scattered and be succesful. Good managers are organized. If you are a single act artist without professional management: you are your own manager

Learn about the best areas to focus on in music marketing. Unless you have money falling from the sky, you won’t be able to promote a video, your Spotify, have billboards (get yours here) along highways, and still have money to pay the bills all at the same time. 

A little money here and there into different areas may seem like a good idea. But it’s not. Figure out where to best allocate your money, and what then measure the results of it. A good metric would be ‘Did this spending help get me farther toward my short term goal?’

Why we advocate Spotify: Spotify allows measurable results. It’s the best platform (in our opinion) for growth of an artist, and furthermore, allows for royalties in return. We also know that is has a higher conversion rate than other forms of music advertising. Think about it: your links are all right on your artist page, you are given room for a professional bio (your fans get to know you), and they are already ON SPOTIFY LOOKING FOR MUSIC! Where can you find a better platform as an artist? (Get organic playlist promotion here)

From our experience: videos are very costly, and unless you already have a big fan base, can result in very little gain. Once you get signed, leave it to the label to pay and market it.

Recap: pick one or two areas where you are going to spend, and make sure you do it well. It takes money to make money. Do not expect profit right away, but keep working toward your goals, and keep growing. Numbers are power!