Frequently Asked Questions

Artists simply select a package, and check out. We deliver the highest quality features & prime placement on the best playlists.

Yes. Getting artists placed on playlists is safe and your account will not be in jeopardy. Other promotion companies use bots, which can get your accounts banned or your tracks removed. Their stats do not reflect the same amount of listeners and often are not…

If approved, yes you can purchase more than one package, or a custom package. Let us know what you’d like to do and we will send you an invoice accordingly.

If we select you as an artist, we guarantee that you are put on a playlist or your money back. We typically place artists on multiple playlists, and strive to deliver great value.

You can cancel an order and receive a full refund until you are put on your first playlist. No refunds are available afterwards as we have to compensate our curators for your placement.