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Some areas covered are: Music Marketing , Strategy , Music Business , Investment, Rights and Licensing , and Production

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Musicians and Strategy

Where musicians fail

Have you ever thought about strategy when it comes to your music? If you did, that’s great. Now it’s time to perfect it.

Strategy is CRUCIAL to meeting your goals as an artist. Countless times we have spoken with artists, and asked them what their goal are. We often here “to get a record deal”. Next, we ask “what is your current strategy” and that is when many artists have a tough time responding. It is important to sit back and think about your music, and start to realize that MUSIC IS A BUSINESS. In any successful business, you need strategy in order to be successful.

You are selling a product. Don’t you want it to be top notch? Everything with your name on it has to be professional. You are selling yourself. How to get a great product? Investment. In order to differentiate your music from any average musician on the block, you need a crisp image, and a differentiated brand. Music quality depends on many factors- song structure, talent and practice, high quality recordings, and professional mix and masters, to mention a few factors. What you put in, is what you get out. Take the time and money to invest in your brand, and don’t seek profit or results right away, it almost never happens.

Start thinking about who you want your music to reach, what is your niche, and how you are going to get it in front of the right listeners. Releasing a song, and hoping it blows up, with no marketing plan is delusional.

Set some goals. Try to make them tangible. A healthy goal is “How do i get to 1000 fans”. Think: What is going to help me get where I want to be?

Investigate different methods of music marketing, finding out who your fans are, and how to tap into that fanbase. Spotify is a great platform, as you can start to see similar artists, and their fanbases that may also like your music. Visit our promotions page for help growing an audience

We advocate, and focus on Spotify promotion, because we know that it has limitless untapped potential, and is one of the best methods of tapping into these potential fanbases.

In the next post, we will discuss playlists.

What To Watch Out For In Music Promotion

Many artists see sites offering “High Quality” streams being offered. “Buy 10,000 streams”. Be careful. These can hurt your music career and scam you out of hard earned money.

Music Promotion 101

And what to look out for.Types of Music Marketing

Plainly stated, there are various methods out there to market your music. Touring and through merchandise, advertising on billboards, advertorial articles, Facebook ads, contests, giveaways, search engine optimization… the list goes on and on. But as an independent artist, you want something fast, effective, and relatively inexpensive. You want to reach listeners and to get your music heard, right away. If you can find a better strategy for gaining a fanbase than finding an audience then one that is currently listening to tunes, than you might be the best marketer of all time. Artists that know a thing or two about promoting their music know that there is no better place to be than online. Applications such as Spotify are the leading source of music-listeners, with over 207 million subscribers. The best part, is that a good portion of those potential fans can have your music right at their fingertips (and in their headphones too).

  Navigating Streaming Promotions

  • Many music promotion sites offer options to purchase a given amount of streams. Don’t fall for it. There are penalties. There are two types of music promotion: Organic growth and, respectively “non-organic” computer generated plays, using bots. Organic growth relies on user interaction, meaning real people interacting and listening to music. Real growth is the type you want, in fact, simulated growth isn’t growth at all. Bots have been used to stream songs or albums numerous times, and do not offer any real human engagement or listeners. Stay away from sites that offer a certain amount of plays, or ones that mention “High quality streams”. It is very difficult to predict how much human-generated engagement is going to occur from any given form of advertisement or promotion. Why have people used bots? Because they want to see a ridiculous amount of plays overnight. This is only harmful to the user, which we will discuss in this article. 
  • Organic Growth & Playlists. Artists can achieve real growth by getting their music in front of real fans. Commonly, you may see artist posting their music on social media sites. While we encourage this, the reality is that the results are very poor, and most people won’t give your music a chance unless you have some great momentum already. The future of music promotion is through Playlists. Playlists are simply a collection of songs. Playlists can be shared, and on certain platforms, many people follow them. Artists can gain tremendous growth by getting on playlists, and now, and with the help of Playlist King, independent artists like yourself can get on playlists too. Playlists are completely organic and are generally compliant with your favorite platform’s terms of service- they created them for that purpose of providing a combination of songs and have many that are developed for the sole purpose of breaking new artists and songs.
  • Reach

As commonly noted by advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, there is a metric titled “Reach” that may pertain to playlists as well. The best way to describe reach is the size of a potential audience. For example, if there are 100,000 followers on a playlist, it has a reach of 100,000 potential listeners. This is an important figure to note, as many services utilize this figure, and for some companies, end up delivering numbers that upset their optimistic clients.

  • Repercussions of fake promotion (bots).  ‘Botting’ is against the terms of service for major streaming platforms, such as Spotify. It is extremely easy for major streaming platforms to detect botting, and they have repercussions against users who participate or hire bot based promotion companies as a service. These companies are protecting themselves from undeserved payouts in royalties, and have very smart technology implemented to analyze any spikes in streams. If caught botting, an artist’s music can be taken down, or even banned from using the platform permanently. There is also the possibility of getting sued by these major companies that have far better lawyers than the majority of labels, let alone artists can afford.
  •  Smarter Bots: Are Still Dumb. Be careful as many promotion sites claim to have organic traffic, but now have bots that crawl through playlists, boosting stats of listeners on it. Often, fake followers are bought or created, and then the computer program will simulate listeners coming from the playlist, exchanging IP addresses from all over the world. At the end of the day, platforms are generally very quick to catch on. Don’t jeopardize your music career, go organic.

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