Playlist King delivers top tier artist services & spotify promotion by obtaining artists prime placements on highly engaged playlists, editorials, and more, resulting in massive organic exposure and a credible online presence. 


//Credibility. Playlist King’s services result in artists getting more streams, fans and engagement. Streaming is a more direct method of connecting with potential fans, and platforms have a far larger active listener base than the radio.

// Best value. We know how streaming works and will get you the highest yield on your investment.

// Exposure.Playlist interaction is organic, meaning real people will be hearing and interacting with your music. Streaming is the new radio.

// Prime Placement. We get your music on the top range of playlist spots so people actually hear it.

//Royalty eligible: Artists can receive royalties ($) from song plays that resulted from our services. 

How It Works

Select a package. Upon checkout, your campaign will be set up and your music will be pushed out to quality playlists with whom we have strong relationships with.

Things To Know:
//We guarantee placement or your money back. 
//The majority of larger packages get multiple placements.
//Results are based upon the quality of song and the size of package you purchase, in turn affecting results of playlists you may be placed on.
//We work on a one track per package basis. We can do custom and album packages, contact us         
// We reserve the right to refund you for any reason and cease a campaign.
//For other questions, please refer to FAQ’s or contact us.

Playlist Promotion Packages

Choose one of our pre-made packages or build one of your own from our various services that suits your particular needs!



*One per customer*
​ (for a limited time)

Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to a 10,000 listener audience.



​(for a limited time)

Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to a 30,000 listener audience.




                                              Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to a 100,000 listener audience.


Only $249.99

                                                Pitching one (1) track to a network of up to a 250,000 listener audience.

Why Playlist Promotion?

Sharing music on Social Media won’t get you famous. You need professional assistance. Playlists are the most effective and immediate way to get your music heard.

Playlist promotion is the only safe way to get your streams up, bots will get your songs taken down, and labels can tell if they are real or not.​

Playlist King is the only playlist pitching service that can guarantee artists real exposure

Playlist King has the ability to reach targeted listeners by genre, providing you with the best response.

Other playlist pitching services may run bots through playlists and provide “look-alike” streams that are not from real listeners. Playlist King does not. All streams are real & authentic, not “High Quality” fakes.

Label? Seeking more exposure? 100,000 or 1,000,000 streams? Contact us below.

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