Playlist King delivers top tier Spotify promotion via direct marketing, playlists & offers other essential artist services

Direct Music Marketing Packages

We offer more than just playlists! Choose one of our pre-made direct marketing packages or build one of your own from our various services that suits your particular needs! This guarantees direct streams to a particular track via marketing, and gets larger results than playlists do.



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How It Works

Select a package. Upon checkout, your spotify promotion campaign will be set up and your music will be pushed out to quality playlists with large followings

Things To Know:
//We offer direct marketing (larger results than playlisting), Playlists (slow, sustained growth), and other artist services
//For Playlists: We secure prime placement in the top 15 tracks, & playlists tend to have high levels of engagement 
//For Playlists:  Results are based upon the quality of song and the size of package you purchase, in turn affecting results of playlists you may be placed on.
//We work on a one track per package basis. We can do custom and album packages, contact us         
// We reserve the right to refund you for any reason and cease a campaign.
//For other questions, please refer to FAQ’s or contact us.

Direct Marketing

Sharing music on Social Media won’t get you famous. You need professional assistance. Direct marketing beats out playlists with declining engagement rates. Our promotions work more effectively than any playlist provider, guaranteed.

Direct marketing, right to your track or profile. Guaranteed plays.

Playlists have their perks. But direct marketing gets you bigger numbers.

Results that show: get paid out royalties and reinvest in your craft.

Playlist King has the ability to reach targeted listeners by genre, providing you with the best response.

Playlist King Direct Marketing will provide targeted listeners from the United States and other major countries that love your genre.

Label? Seeking more exposure? 100,000 or 1,000,000 streams? Contact us below.

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